Monday, February 27, 2012

Entry # 4 - Body Heat

Indeed, language can be very descriptive if the writer is gifted with this skill. Good writer can create vivid images in reader's mind taking him on a journey. Most of the time my insufficient vocabulary makes me frustrated to not being able to convey my thoughts in a clear manner, but it doesn't stop me from admiring people who posses this talent.  Cathy Horyn is one of them. "A single word often betrays a great design." (Jean Baptiste Racine.) Cathy Horyn wrote concisely for a collection that was "said concisely" with only 36 looks presented at Bottega Veneta, but enough to admire it.

Bottega Veneta: Body Heat

MILAN — The 36 looks that Tomas Maier showed on Saturday at Bottega Veneta seemed to fly past, and then a burst of applause.
He had a lot to say, but he said it concisely, with spare, elegant dresses and coats in black, cobalt or maroon wool.

Coverage from in and around the Milan shows.
The fabrics had a matte, compacted look, but it was the fit and proportion that really stood out. The clothes had a normal sense of grace.
Like Raf Simons at Jil Sander, Mr. Maier knows how to elevate knitwear, pairing a ribbed black cashmere sweater with cropped trousers for a surprisingly polished look that was still relaxed. This exceptional show included burnt velvet dresses in a three-dimensional blur of colors, dresses and skirts with soft peplums, and velvet-paneled evening dresses.

 1.Silhouette & Design
-Spare, elegant dresses
-Cropped trousers
2. Details
-Soft peplun
3.  Color
-Black, cobalt, maroon wool
-Three-dimensional blur of colors
-Burnt velvet
-Matte, compacted looks
-Ribbed cashmere sweater
5. Creative "Jargon" 
- "The clothes had a normal sense of grace"
-"Elevate knitwear"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Entry # 3 - Plush Love

With an influx of fashionistas from all over the World for the NY Fashion Week it was obvious what key trend they were channeling - "Shaggy" outerwear. Would you blame them with all that weather outside?! All sorts of coats were there to express one's individuality: patterned, various colors, real fur, fake fur etc. According to Tim Bess, fashion trend analyst for the Doneger Group, "shaggy pieces"among the top looks for fall '12. Why should we wait, as its already have been vastly adopted by fashion conscious folks. Enjoy my reportage...

Sincerely, Jules blog

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Key Item Spring 2013 - double pocket camp shirt

Agreed, maybe it's not the most adventurous trend of all as one can suggest! However, double pocket camp shirt is on the top of my shopping list. Among the first prototypes that worth mentioning was famous shot of Verushka in Safari suit by YSL (1968) that inspire this style. Wearing this shirt,  one  can be a part of a set of "Out to Africa" exploring African safari or  city dweller of New York who'll   find this attire useful to survive in the sizzling heat of "concrete jungle" especially if it's made from natural fibers. This piece can be worn for any occasion if you style it respectively.

Spring 2012 Paul&Joe

Spring 2012 Michael Kors  
Spring 2012 Michael Kors
Many designers were embarking on an urban safari with earth tones for a Spring 2012 that will gain momentum even more. Camp shirt stood the test of time and keep coming back in new variations. Michael Kors's Spring 2012 collection was channeling "Afriluxe trend"  where in this style couldn't fit any better.

Sincerely, Jules blog
Fashionistas have adapted this garment on the streets playing with colors and styling of this piece. Stay tuned for more ...