Thursday, January 26, 2012

With an increased popularity of all kinds of blogs I feel like I've been lagging behind. And, with a little research a have realized that creativity and passion for expressing it is at the base of successful blog. Every town has a group of self-proclaimed fashionistas who know the upcoming trends and new ways of wearing them. Trendspotting is their main speciality!
Among my favorites, even though I didn't have time to develop sincere attachment for them, are Olivia Pallermo's blog, Fashion Toast and On the Runway with a unifying passion for Fashion.

Olivia Pallermo's blog
My favorite among all the variety is Olivia Palermo's Style blog that has a great topics on a fashion, accessories, travel and lifestyle to fit broader selection of topics that is wittily written. Editorial visual content attracts fashion savvy fashionista.

Spinach and Yoga

 As you grow older besides just paying attention to how you look, you start to pay attention to how you feel also. My next favorite blog has nothing to do with fashion! Spinach and Yoga ( created by my friend Nadya is for people who are exploring healthy ways of eating. Check it out for yourself too.

Of course, blogs are individualistic and depend on personal preferences. For a first time, I will see for myself what it's all about ... so be kind to me!

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  1. Thank you Oksana for making us know these blogs!
    Actually I didn't know any of them and I think they are both very interesting.
    I especially like Olivia Pallermo's blog since it is made like in a magazine: showing an outfit on a cover girl and telling us where we can find the equivalent!
    I am looking forward to reading your next posts!
    See you.