Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Entry # 3 - Plush Love

With an influx of fashionistas from all over the World for the NY Fashion Week it was obvious what key trend they were channeling - "Shaggy" outerwear. Would you blame them with all that weather outside?! All sorts of coats were there to express one's individuality: patterned, various colors, real fur, fake fur etc. According to Tim Bess, fashion trend analyst for the Doneger Group, "shaggy pieces"among the top looks for fall '12. Why should we wait, as its already have been vastly adopted by fashion conscious folks. Enjoy my reportage...

Sincerely, Jules blog


  1. Okay, so I must admit, this is probably one of the most accurate trends I saw. I chose not to do this, because Bill Cunningham did it as well! But I so adore these huge furry coats, I wish I could wear one every day! However, I don't even own one...


  2. I agree with you on the whole "shaggy" trend. It seems more and more people have found a way to incorporate this trend into their daily lives. I'm just glad faux-fur has been accepted by many too - I would hate for there to be more animal cruelty!


  3. I do love real fur. I bought my first 2 years ago online. It was a beautiful silver, fox fur stole. It was only $65 and it's the only thing i've ever found on that random site. The second was another fox but a coat much like the ones on your site. I bought it at the Brooklyn Flea. But there is something i hate, and it's really poor faux fur.