Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Entry # 8 - Vanessa Bruno's Video LookBook

Summer frocks, sun, ocean, fun! Who is ready for the Summer? Vanessa Bruno's video Look Book definitely get you into the mood for it. With a summer around the corner we are in anticipation to update our summer wardrobe. In the featured video the designer immerses us into dreamlike surroundings that summer usually associated with. Lou Doillon ( the daughter of fashion icon Jane Birkin) and Jessica Joffe communicate french unconventional chic.

Particularly the last scene amuses me when models play Holi (annual festival of colors.) Inspired by an Indian celebration revelers throw bright powders and colored waters resulting in naturally tie-dyed garments. My friends as well has a chance to participate in this "live it in the moment" celebration:)


  1. The video is really cool but i don't see the connection with the clothes... still v. cool!

  2. Cute video. It was bright, feminine and chic. Thanks for sharing.