Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Entry # 7 - Vince Trunk Show

With a shift of many venues into cyberspace trunk shows are no strangers to that either . Before trunk shows represented exclusive events with designer appearances talking about inspiration and key pieces of upcoming collection while sipping champagne. Nowadays, many retailers are holding trunk shows on the Internet allowing broader audience to be part of these events. Convenience of the virtual shows allows for higher sales at full retail prices but what's  missed is the feel of a real-life trunk show.
Please find below Vince Fall 2008 Trunk show for Although the collection is few years old the key items still can be incorporated into today's casual wear wardrobe.


  1. Online trunk shows are absolutely a natural evolution of the times. They are very much like catalogs and lookbooks that are interactive.

    Thank you for this!

  2. I agree, taking trunk shows to the web is a natural progression for the world we live in. Unfortunately, it does lose some of the things that make trunk shows "special" and "exclusive," such as the party-like atmosphere and invitation-only exclusivity. Still, it does open the designer's collection up to a wider audience which can be very beneficial. Perhaps this is a way that designers can use their social media presence? Making trunk show videos available to their "fans" or followers" only would maintain a bit of their exclusivity and allow the designer to send out invites of a sort. They could also offer some sort of incentive to buy, such as a special gift with purchase, which would again retain some of the exclusivity and add a bit of the special personal touches that trunk shows have! The thing I really like about the video you chose is that it almost takes online shopping to the next level, you get to see how the garment moves on a live model, and what it looks like from every angle. It truly has the potential to be a great tool for designers!

    Excellent post!